Day 2: miyako 


Thank You for the praying people in Singapore. The prayers of the saints and Christ’s continual intercession have been the reason we have not met with any accidents despite painfully narrow roads, a tired driver, an 8-seater vehicle and a malfunctioning GPS. 

There are things You want us to do and to see. Give us the eyes and hearts to do so, not just the hands and feet. 

Towering over the average Japanese sedan

Speaking of feet, thank You for carrying me through the 4pm 38-degree summer hike up the hill to pop flyers into postboxes. You showed me that I am physically and mentally weak- so many times I wanted to stop the climb and hide from the sweltering heat. There were uneven gravelled slopes I wish I didn’t have to overcome. There were also doubts- how many will even see these flyers in their postboxes, how many will bother to attend the community hall session that the flyer promises this Friday? I am ashamed that I had such little faith in the work You want done in this community. I see that I am too soft and enjoy too much air-conditioned comfort at home. 

It astonishes me how much the elderly folk are able to withstand, living in slanted and precariously perched homes at the peak of the evacuation site. 

Note: climbing with slippers and in jeans is possible. Drain covers are safer than gravel.
Note: even if it looks like you’ll be trespassing and the postbox is in hiding, there is always a postbox in need of a flyer.
Standing on reconstructed land after the 2011 tsunami destruction
It’s only day 2 and I’m physically not at my best. But I am trusting I am at a state You want me to be in. 

Paul said, “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength” (1 Tim 1:12). I ask that we will revel in our many weaknesses, because then Your Power and Strength will be shown in us and through us. 
At the katsetsus today, Grace mentioned we were shaky today, but we ask to improve our teaching abilities tomorrow! 

Stained glass mosaic craft with the youngest participant
Clement with the oldest participant, Abe-san. He now attends the church in Miyako, praise God!

Four-generational family (what???) God is gracious and good to them!
Pastor iwatsuka enjoying hand-carried pandan cake with two lovely obasan
I ask for greater wisdom in our preparation for the visits to two new katsetsus tomorrow, one of which has never had a 3.11 network visit before. Spirit, please move among the people and help them see Iesu, Jesus. 

Watashiwa inorimasu, 



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