Until next time

Stages in life – changes that keep coming, even as we grow and give our best attempt to move on quickly.

So many words get lost in the laughter. Things left unsaid because it makes us feel too deeply. Yet, from what we do say, I gather this much:

The fellowship, a blessing. The friendship, lasting. The support, real.

I am grateful to have friends to journey this season of life with, and to remind me that I need to show the same level of grace to myself as I desire to show to others.

Onwards, friends! And we will see you again, very soon.


It takes ten times as long to put yourself together as it does to fall apart.

Spag bol

The humble spaghetti bolognese – Gourmands insist that this dish’s apparent simplicity is deceptive.

Me, I’m just thankful for a delightful lunch treat from the boss, with good conversations and real encouragement.


Big and scared

…the wise are the hidden who hold out for heaven — and the applause that comes from God.

This is to choose the far greater.

I know you’re brave … and you’re scared. Because you keep doing big things that seems so small and you wonder where all this is really going and you only get one life here —

And though you’re weary, you do hard things and you keep getting out of bed and this is always the hardest part —

and you keep believing that Christ didn’t leave this world until He showed us His scars — and He won’t ever let you leave this world until you live to show Him.

~ Ann Voskamp