One of the better things

… is having prayer answered in the form of a chance encounter that is not truly chance, but divine.

It’s in the tasting of a novelty – cheap molten chocolate on an overly-fried crust; when that you were told it would be your absolute favourite because it’s chocolate.

Knowing somehow that the warmth on your tongue mimics the warmth in the heart – to decade-long friendships, to meeting twice in a day, to another’s successful deal signing, to a general sense that however futile it may appear and however real the sense of incapability, there is always the Banner of Love over me.

One of the better things is being Loved and in being shown how to love better.


Still January

with the most perfect birthday cake from Edith Patisserie. Cake for miles!

These are my golden friends forever, friends for life.


Thank God its Friday- a perfect time for me to count and cherish in my heart the amazing work culture and colleagues, from Mdm Poh Hong’s handmade dumplings for breakfast, to my colleague’s surprise gin and tonic, and finally, my new colleague fulfilling my ice-cream dream.

Pork and prawn dumplings 🥟- what’s there not to love about surprises?



So with Shinji, I’ve finally completed the Triumvirate of Japanese omakase in Singapore.

Staring at the head chef keep his work station tidy (yes, with ice cubes gently melting) while enjoying classic Edo-style sushi 🍣 was a wonderful Birthday treat.

The fish standard was high, although I have been more impressed with the culinary flair at Hashida. Nonetheless, was singularly charmed by the bamboo ceilings, which seemed to halt time. The patient chef explaining each piece in both languages, and a fine friend’s tall tales of the world he’s travelled.

Sugared up

My first ice cream cone of the year – tiramisu flavoured. An early treat from the sister for turning 29 soon.

Tired eyes, office-lady cardigan and strained smile at 10pm, but truly blessed to have family to celebrate with.

And I’ve forgotten how good ice cream tastes in a waffle cone 🍦

Today, I’m praying for a mini-miracle for one who has been struck by cancer.

Today went by like a blur.

I remind myself that we are all living in a futile home with a futile body. Groaning as we await Him who is to come. To free us to be more ourselves than we could ever be. For we were made for glory – His.

But not here, not right now.

Who says

…one cannot have a chocolate ice cream cone on a Monday evening?

So I often realise that with the desire for copious quantities of chocolate and sugar comes an indirect need to self-medicate. “Comfort food” is not without truth to its name.

What was it today? One prods the heart warily, weary of a diagnosis without cure.

Was it – insecurity about the last piece of work? The frustration of not nailing down a problem statement? The cluttered mind and tired brain?

Or was it the inability to rest in Him, to be still and know who is God, and who is in control?

I cannot help but feel that I have over-extended myself this period. But I know there must be a reason, and while mistakes may have been made, His grace is sufficient yet.

I will be still and know that You are God, refuge. My confidence, the stronghold, deliverer.

And this is why I will never stop singing.


PBJ sandwich from Simply Sandwich at 5pm – in lieu of the lunch I didn’t manage to get in time.

I’m not even going to pretend this is not my favourite comfort food for this season.

Soft brioche, creamed peanut, sweet raspberry jam. Smooshed.

This is actually perfect!

chocolate sorbet

It is Friday evening, and most are tired from the week of strife and striving.

How special, then, to arrive in church and sing about a beautiful Saviour. To share in the experiences of others, and to remember the unfinished task He has given us.

Reframe – the final session. It was 10.45pm at the Affogato Bar.

We find here a simple sensation of two stunning flavours, enjoyed not to assuage hunger, but to prolong conversation. It’s a beautiful thing to have good company paired with rich and intense chocolate ice cream. To coat the palette with the deepest of flavours, and to find that it ends the week well.

Good company always ends the week well.

And I am so deeply Thankful.

Not done

We are not done with our changes.

We continue to become.

I am not done with this growing confusion. I have not overcome.

I still have questions that don’t have easy answers to. And I’m afraid of making a mess out of everything.

This doesn’t look like much – Salmon on toasted brioche.

Simple late lunch with simply lovely friends on a mucky mid-week afternoon.

What a blessing.