Spag bol

The humble spaghetti bolognese – Gourmands insist that this dish’s apparent simplicity is deceptive.

Me, I’m just thankful for a delightful lunch treat from the boss, with good conversations and real encouragement.



no Monday blues with mummy!

Hello, Monday

A pile of US beef to celebrate SAF Day, in time to launch this week of meetings.

Monday has started in earnest and I’m already mentally falling behind.

Just going to do my best for this one life, in whatever capacity I can.

Here’s to grilled cow.

Black and midnight

PS Cafe’s double chocolate cake used to be my number 1. Having it last Sunday made me sad; it has lost its way: the fudge is no longer as indulgent, and the cake crumb is less dense, and drier. It looks like my hunt for my number 1 will have to start again, since it’s time to move on.

But for now, cheers to fantastic friendships that are forged through a love for youth or children, and music.

End to a Friday

I could tell an entire story about a rumbling belly, a fantastic bowl of kekou mian from bukit panjang, revealing conversations with the colleagues, and a 2-hour long meeting on customer service standards.

Way to end a Friday, with my favourite people at haakon, and bible study heralding the start of an incredible (and long) weekend.

Checking in

the neighbourhood is looking up with Craftsmen in town!

Thankful for this check-in before Li-en pops, and for the honesty and wisdom we’ve always shared.

Here’s to new seasons, walking in step with the Spirit. 🌱