Clinton Street

The little-moment approaches to life – Part I: Life does not happen in big and bold moments.

I frequently fall into the habit of thinking life careens from huge important moment to huge important moment.

And perhaps this is precisely the issue – it is a problem of perception. We don’t actually tend to live life this way.

It seems that the character and quality of this present life, my life, is forged in the little moments. Every day I lay bricks on the foundation of what my life will be – the bricks of words said, the bricks of feelings felt, the bricks of my little thoughts, and the bricks of small-moment hopes that all form this functional edifice that is life.

Perhaps we tend to fall into quasi-thoughtless routines and instinctive ways of doing things. And then when the days fly by and September has come and will go, we panic. The bricks were laid haphazardly, flung about, forgotten.

Life’s little-moment inattention.

It is the way with relationships as well. The character of a couple is not formed in one or two grand moments. Things don’t go bad or become good in a relationship in an instant. Things go bad progressively, or become sweet and beautiful progressively.

So where are my relationships going? Do I pay attention?

It is hard work to care, it is hard work to discipline ourselves to be careful with the other, it is hard work to always be thinking of the other person. There is an epidemic of relational laziness within us. Our unmet needs can be easily dismissed in friendship, but become more apparent in courtship, and then blazingly blatant in marriage.

So as Paul Tripp would diagnose, my laziness is rooted in the self-centeredness of sin. It is an anti-social danger inside that wants good things to come without the hard work of laying the daily bricks that will result in the good things.

The little-moment life is every day.

So, I entered Clinton St Bakery late but with great anticipation, having waited years to try the blueberry pancakes in NYC, and failing which, to sample the chicken & waffles with C at the branch in Singapore.

I Guess I had waited for the perfect desired mix of the right company, authentic ambience, and food quality that was worthy of “NYC brunch”.

I was looking for treasures – to possess or experience the things upon which I have set my heart. It was a big-moment life point.

The maple butter sauce was worth it. But, they ran out of milkshakes. The walls were bare (how could they be bare, I wondered), and there was no music. There is always music in a diner, not because this is true, but because I insist upon it as a treasured experience.

It was a big-moment life point, but little-moments ate it up.

We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done.


I may be careless with letting my little-moments slip by unnoticed.

Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.


Dinner service

Just discovered that my mom makes a mean tiger-prawn omelette. I was right to stay at home for this one ☝️

Min Jiang, mid-week

Happy 59th mummy!

The peking duck was legit, the chicken consommé ridiculously rich, the longevity buns had a good lotus paste filling, and we knocked ourselves out with the prawns.

Best consommé ever.

And a half-hour walk home to digest maoshanwang ice cream. Birthdays for miles, birthdays for everyone!