Just follow law?

Third year in the Singapore sports school.

1. One thing I’ve learnt

We can count on the steadfast love of the Lord, which does not cease.

2. One thing I’m thankful for

The beauty of Community – of seeing visibly the faithfulness of mentorship, of tangibly sensing the power of a leader walking with youth.


On 9 Dec the Japanese missionary Gerd Strauss passed away suddenly. My July team had met with him briefly at Morioka Bible Baptist Church. He was a man full of energy and passion. He leaves behind a widow and three children.

I felt then in the depths of my heart – something is wrong in the world. There is excess is so many places, and wants in others. Our church is ripe and fat and privileged with talents and gifts. The land outside that I have experienced is bare and cold and nary a baptism.

Mostly, I realise how little I have been honestly asking that His Kingdom come and His will be done. That His mercy be seen to the ends of the world. How will they hear, if no one tells them?

Who will tell them? Who will act, for the time is now?

Forgive my feebleness, my foolish living, my futile thinking. How shall I see clearly, Lord?


Pavement talk

I pity all the worldlings talk

Of pleasures that will quickly end.

Be this, my Lord, my choice to walk

With Thee, my guide, my guard, my Friend.

John Newton

A bean curd tart unceremoniously consumed beside the Prinsep Street. Listening in to the thoughts of the world.

Listening to the anxieties of the heart; youth camp is upon us. Goodwill and peace, yes, peace.

He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.

Community heart

Blessed chance dinner with crab pizza and new babies. With families who so readily bless and embrace.

… And a terrific Top friend who would give me more than Fiji water. 👍🏼

This December is absolutely stunning in its serendipity. Thankful, thankful Lord!

if we were having coffee today


I’d share my checklist for gratitude.

The ability to say, “Thank You, Lord,” is among the most wonderful things about being a follower of Jesus Christ.

So when a few of my favourite people gather in one place to break bread and make quiet merry, I remember that every good and perfect gift comes down from above, from the Father of lights, from whom there is no shadow or variation (James 1:17).

Midnight Friday

Chocolate bing Su only at Bugis, after a dance concert and meeting two students I have been thinking about from time to time.

My heart is full from the special people who just keep entering and re-entering my life. And I can’t help but be truly humbled by the community I am blessed with. There is no room for ingratitude and discontentment – I tell this to my heart, which yet still yearns to live a bigger adventure.

My adventure is now.